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Event Creation is an event production company with a team of dedicated and friendly professionals, including technical teams, designers, and event organizers. Our goal is to provide our clients with the best possible stage experience.


We own our own audio-visual and lighting equipment, stage and backdrop production, outdoor needs and furniture, and venue decorations, which saves time and allows for better budget management.


Enjoy our video, we love what we do


Best Event Team


All your questions answered by our experts.

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Event Creation can help your plan in highly effective backdrop production from the design to construction.


Let's us inspires a creative event stage backdrop design.

Your Best Event Production Hong Kong Team

Audio Visual  


Event Creation own and offer a full suite high-quality of audio visual equipment, Included audio equipment, LED walls, projector w/screen, television(TV), LED lighting, video projection equipment, and the professional technical team to operate it to perfection.

Stage Hire


Event Creation offering the best-fit stage hire service for your indoor or outdoor event with top quality and structurally. A wide range of portable staging and truss systems to suit all budgets and requirements. 

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